Pricing & Packages

Arrive and Drive

No booking necessary, just turn up and go for a spin. For EPA and Daytona track rides please call in the morning of the proposed day to check public availability.

Pricing per person


Kids 8-11yrs

Kids 12-15yrs

Adults 16Yrs+

Double kart





$37* / $47**





$74* / $94**


Kids 8-11yrs

Kids 12-15yrs

Adults 16Yrs+

Double kart











*small double

**twin instructor

*Please note: Each ride is 10 minutes long. Participants 8-11 years old will drive on the EPA track. Drivers aged 12 years+ will drive on either the Lakeside track or Phoenix (Le Mans) track. Twin instructor go karts are available for passengers aged 10 years+ and 1.4m in height. Height requirements apply. On the Phoenix (Le Mans) track and Lakeside track a minimum of 1.4m height is required to reach the pedals. Call us on (03) 8787-8741.

Gold Kart

Up to 100Km/h


For 10 Laps

A Gold Kart member will have exclusive use of the track, racing approx. 100km/hr. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age and qualify in standard Karts.

Daytona Kart

For riders 4-7 yrs


Avg 10 laps

Each ride is 5 minutes and provides opportunity to experience real-life racing in a controlled setting. Please check availability for Daytona karts when you wish to visit venue.

Complimentary shuttle bus. T&C's apply.

Call (03) 8787 8741