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Richmond’s Chris Newman is the Fastest Tiger: Can You Beat His Lap Time?

by George / 08 April 2014

The lads from Richmond Football Club took to Le Mans Go Karts on Thursday 23rd January in an epic duel of rivalry to see which one of them could become the reigning king of the track in a 25-lap race. The competition was fierce but in the end Chris Newman claimed winner’s bragging rights, followed closely by Ross Smith and Stephen Morris.

Orren Stephenson had the fastest individual lap time, with one blistering lap of the new Lakeside track in the grunty Evo 6 karts in 37.179.

Ross Smith and Chris Newman also created new personal best lap times in 37.296 and 37.600 respectively.

David Astbury seemed to forget that it was a race, and must have thought he was out for a Sunday cruise instead, with the slowest fastest lap time of the group, clocking in at 40.173 seconds!

Need an Adrenaline Rush? Come and Test Your Skills

If you’re stuck in monotony at the moment and have the back-to-work blues why not get a group together and see if you can beat the times of the stars from Richmond Football Club. Think you have what it takes to beat Orren Stephenson’s lap time of 37.179? Come and find out. Have fun in the sun, trash-talking and carving up the competition. We’re open from 10am to 11pm. Don’t forget to ask about our courtesy bus service to pick you up or get you home safely!

Results below

Result Player Best Lap Time Average Lap Time (25 Laps) Delay
Chris Newman
37.600 seconds
45.093 seconds
Ross Smith
37.296 seconds
45.658 seconds
+14.129 seconds
Steven Morris
37.754 seconds
45.746 seconds
+16.334 seconds
Matt Dea
38.401 seconds
46.083 seconds
+24.772 seconds
Jack Riewoldt
38.392 seconds
46.228 seconds
+28.375 seconds
Shaun Hampson
38.192 seconds
46.960 seconds
+1 lap
Brett Deledio
37.963 seconds
46.986 seconds
+1 lap
Troy Chaplin
37.890 seconds
47.161 seconds
+1 lap
Peter Burge
39.061 seconds
47.794 seconds
+1 lap
Nick Vlastuin
38.469 seconds
47.933 seconds
+1 lap
Brendon Lade
38.169 seconds
47.955 seconds
+1 lap
Orren Stephenson
37.179 seconds
47.961 seconds
+1 lap
Shane Edwards
37.954 seconds
48.041 seconds
+1 lap
David Astbury
40.173 seconds
48.739 seconds
+2 laps

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